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The Star Life and Beyond

Many of you know us as Kate and Rachel, Starz Dance Academy studio owners. But we are so much more. This blog is about the successes and challenges we face on a regular basis and what we do to continue to live our best lives. Kate as a mom of 2 (well 4 most recently, but that is for another post) and Rachel as a Nana and empty nester. Whatever season of your life you are in we are with you!

Our most asked question from dancers and parents is "wait you work all day long"? Yes, we do come into the studio early in the morning and work through the evening with teaching generally after school hours. But Starz Dance Academy is a business and there is so much that goes along with that. This blog is our open book. From jeweling costumes to moving trampolines and shampooing carpets. We are living the business owners dream.

While we spend MUCH of our lives together as business owners and best friends, but no, we don't live together, that would be weird for our husbands :-) We both love to design & organize our homes (Rachel a remodel, Kate a new build), force each other to exercise (Kate obviously does the forcing), have playdates with Kendall, Tucker, MJ and Charlotte, share meal prep ideas and cooking (Rachel) and just enjoy much needed family time.

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